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You’re skilled in your trade – not in accounting. Struggling with your books and tax returns is no fun especially when you could be out there making money doing what you’re good at. Accounting and tax are our trade – that’s what we’re good at and being a small business, we also know and understand other small businesses – and trades people.

The right mix.

The team at Simple Accounting Services are well versed in the latest of accounting software. We have a major focus on what will benefit our clients, rather than what will benefit us. By keeping our systems lean and simple, we are able to offer an exceptionally fast service.

When it comes to running a business, we've been there and understand what it takes to keep things turning over. We work on up-front agreed price fees. This means no nasty surprises for the clients, and lets us get on with the job knowing there wont be any problems when we send our bill at the end of the job.

Online or in person.

If you're on the go, at your office or in town, we've got a bunch of options to set up a meeting and get the ball rolling. We can meet in person over a cup of coffee in Thorndon or Miramar, over the phone, or via Zoom. Bruce can also make his way over to your location for the meeting.

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