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Simple Bookkeeping

Do you struggle with spending too much time trying to keep on top of your accounts? There are a lot of systems out there now that can help reduce the amount of paperwork, but it still doesn’t do itself! 


We’re an accounting firm and we’ve seen first-hand some clients who have everything under control... and some clients who don’t! 


By using the latest systems like Xero, we can offer extremely efficient bookkeeping support to clients nationwide. 

So, what does a bookkeeper do? Some typical tasks that we can take care of are: 

  • Sending out invoices and statements 

  • Reconciling bank accounts 

  • Payroll processing 

  • Entering bills 


Our bookkeeping rate is $80 per hour plus GST.


Get in touch with us to book a free consultation, and we can build a plan that fits your business – because let’s face it, everybody is different. 


Our office is based on Thorndon Quay in Wellington, or you can book an online meeting. 

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