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As part of our commitment to helping our clients in the best way possible, we’ve set up this dedicated resource page for COVID-19.


We have always had a focus on using technology as efficiently as possible, using cloud based systems and electronic communication. This is great as it means we’re able to respond quickly, without too much inconvenience.


Some of the steps we’re taking as a firm:

  • Our computer and phone systems are all cloud based, which means we can relocate our team at the drop of a hat. This means we can still help you even if we need to self-isolate or are forced to work from home

  • We can do virtual online meetings using Skype or Gruveo. This includes being able to share our screen which is useful when teaching you how to use Xero for example

  • You can book meetings with us using our online system

  • Documents can be uploaded to us electronically


Government Wage Subsidy


We have been inundated by calls and emails from our clients who have been struggling financially with the situation, and even more so since the government announced the emergency relief package. This is a constantly changing situation and we’re doing our very best to keep as up to date as we can.


We are offering a free service to clients to help them apply for the subsidy. If you would like our help, please click the button to the right (desktop) or below (mobile) to apply online. We’ll use this as a method to capture your information and make sure all your bases are covered, then we’ll complete the government’s online forms on your behalf.


Here is a very brief breakdown:

  • Need to suffer a 30% reduction in revenue for any month January 2020 to June 2020. Can be based on a forecast

  • $585 per week for full time (over 20 hours per week) or $350 per week for part timers

  • Will be a lump sum for 12 week period ($7,030 for full time or $4,200 for part time)

  • Need to keep employing staff (at least 80% of previous wages)

  • Need to take steps to minimise the risks which means getting help from industry (for example HANZ), Chamber of Commerce or Accountant (us)

  • You can apply yourself through MSD, but we’re more than happy to help


Self Employed

Very similar to above. This includes those clients who are sole traders, contractors or operating out of a company but taking end of year shareholder salaries.


For Employers who have staff sick or in self-isolation

  • Not available for those who can work at home

  • Need to be self-isolating as per public health guidelines, sick with Covid-19 or caring for a dependent under these conditions


Tax Package

The relief package includes some changes to the tax system. Are you thinking of updating your phone / computer or fittings (like a new stove or heat pump for your rental)? If the cost of the new asset will be over $500, but under $5,000 then hold off purchasing the asset until after 1 April 2020. Under the new rules the whole asset can then be expensed as a one off cost rather than having to capitalise and claim depreciation over the life of the asset.


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